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Air Quality

Air Quality Products

Galson Laboratories Hygiene Rental offers a large range of air quality products, air quality equipment, and air testing equipment. Depending on your needs — whether they’re residential or industrial; what pollutants you’re testing for; and other environmental concerns — you may need a more in-depth consultation. In that case, we will help you find the specific air quality product, air quality equipment, or air testing equipment that best meets your needs.

 In order to meet various standards set forth in the Clean Air Act, businesses and individuals need to monitor for many different air pollutants. These include fugitive emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Your facility may have to implement a Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program for VOC detection.

Whether it is air quality monitoring, testing, or analysis we will be able to assist you. For immediate assistance, check the contact options at the top of the page. To browse Galson’s line of air quality products and testing equipment, please see the list below.

Air Quality Products:

        LEED Air Quality Testing Kit

        MSHA Kit

Air Quality Equipment:

        Ambient Air Analyzer

        Air Sampling Pumps

        Detector Tube Pumps

        Multi-RAE Gas Monitor

        Dust/Particulate (Aerosol)

        FID/PID/Handheld PID

        Air Quality Monitors

        Mercury Meters

Air Testing Equipment:

        Air Velocity Monitors

        Heat Stress Monitors

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