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Air Quality

Air Quality Tests

The TSI Q-Trakprovides an all-in-one indoor air quality test kit to suit your needs. It samples carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity. This instrument also provides sampling for home air quality tests and residential air quality testing.

There are a few instruments used for indoor air quality tests:

Air sampling canisters (minicans)

Air sampling canister integrated regulators

The TSI Q-Trak is capable of taking real-time measurements and recording detailed data logs so you can leave it unattended for long periods of time. Sampling air quality for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity is of the utmost importance for residential, business, and industrial buildings. Carbon monoxide poisoning and fatalities occur easily due to bad vents and chimneys. Lead paint can degenerate into dust and turn into an air quality concern. Pollutants abound. You can contact Galson todayto get started with air quality testing for your home or building.

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