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Air Quality

Ambient Air Analyzer

Products - Air Analyzer & Meters

The ambient air analyzer measures and tests VOCs and a large list of atmospheric gases. They let you easily collect and analyze air samples. Galson’s air analyzers include the ambient air analyzer, dust/particulate, gas monitors, IAQ monitors, mercury monitors, ozone monitors. Mercury is, of course, important to monitor. The United States Clean Air Act of 1990 put mercury on a list of toxic pollutants. Ozone is formed through atmospheric electrical discharge. Long-term exposure to ozone can lead to respiratory illness and even death.

Galson’s air analyzer features many capabilities for high-end users. It contains over 120 single gas applications with customization capability ideal for consultants, industrial hygienists, regulatory agencies, research scientists, and emergency response professionals. Contact us right now to start measuring and testing your air.



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