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Air Quality

LEED Air Quality Testing

Galson Laboratoriesprovides a LEED air quality testing kit to earn LEED-NC EQ Credit 3.2. This LEED indoor air quality testing allows a building to apply for LEED certification. LEED certification is provided to buildings, homes, or communities that are built “green” or with sustainability in mind. LEED certification means your building has a focus on sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor air quality.

Our LEED Air Quality Testing Kit Includes:

        TSI Side Pak AM 510

        Assay 580 Monitor

        Stainless canisters and integrated regulators for TVOC and 4-PCH

        MultiRAE Gas Monitor

This LEED air quality testing kit offers many benefits:

·         Includes everything you need for LEED air quality testing.

·         Allows you to conduct indoor air quality testing for LEED Credit.

·         A single kit that can be re-used through multiple zones, thus reducing cost.

Galson LaboratoriesLEED air quality testing kit allows you to achieve LEED certification with the US Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED certified buildings and work sites are healthier, reduce environmental impact, and can lower the operating costs of your building.


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