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Making Your Job Easier and More Effective at AIHce, Booth #219

I’ve been spanning North America, attending the American Industrial Hygiene Association Conference and Exhibition (AIHce), for literally decades. I greet visitors, walk the show, hang with co-workers, go to and give presentations, and socialize in the evenings. The opportunity to share what’s new with SGS Galson and hear from long-time and potential clients about challenges they need help solving continues to be one of my favorite networking experiences.

As a matter of fact, one of those challenges expressed over many years was that there wasn’t an easy way to share ideas and information among the IH community. So, we did what we do at SGS Galson, we innovated, with the result being the OneTouch IH Community. OneTouch, in a sense, is an interactive, online conference and exhibition, 24/7/365.

Our OneTouch IH Community allows you to stay up to date on regulatory updates, technical advances, trending topics and more. Most importantly, you can submit stories, share your observations, questions, research and other relevant information. And, (because we just love to give stuff away), while you’re exploring the site, you’ll earn points for your activity that can be redeemed in store.

We’ll be demonstrating our new program at the AIHce exhibit, Booth 219, as well as other SGS Galson innovations designed specifically to make your job easier and more effective such as our new online chain of custody, and our safe and comfortable Personal Exposure VestTM . You’ll also receive updates on silica analysis,ultratrace US EPA‚Äźcompliant methodologies, fenceline monitoring and Indoor Air Quality analysis.

Away from our exhibit, you won’t want to miss Ron McMahan, our Business Development Manager, who will be at the AIHce Expo Learning Pavilion Monday, May 23 at 9:30 am, discussing ”The Power of the SGS Bundle”.

Feel free to contact me before AIHce to schedule a sit down, or just visit us at Booth #219 and our team will answer any and all of your questions. I look forward to seeing you soon at AIHce in Baltimore!

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