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Sampling + Analysis

MSHA 30 CFR Testing

MSHA has published a Procedure Instruction Letter providing instructions to MSHA inspectors to determine if operators are conducting dust and silica surveys as required in 30 CFR 56.5002 and noise surveys as required in 30 CFR 62.110. Operators need to show they have met the directive and that's where Galson Laboratories can help.

This low cost MSHA Self-Compliance Kit provides you dust and silica monitoring as well as noise monitoring to cover all of your self-compliance reporting requirements. You can utilize our staff of air monitoring professionals to review all of your potential exposures and add to your kit if additional contaminants are of concern. Call client services toll-free at (888) 432-5227, click on the "IH Live Online Chat" icon or the "Push to Talk" icon to find out more and get a quote!

If you operate quarries, gravel pits, aggregate pits, or metal/non-metal mines, ease your mind about your next MSHA inspection by collecting your samples in an easy and cost effective way.

If you have a specific question, feel free to post it below and we'll answer you directly as soon as we can. To view our instructional videos visit out reference area to help answer your sampling questions.

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Q: How much do the kits cost?
A: Please contact Galson client services for a quote that addresses your specific needs via IH Online Chat or by calling 888-432-5227.

Q: Is shipping included in the kit price?
A: Yes, 2nd day shipping, both to your location and back to Galson Laboratories, is included in the price.

Q: Are there instructions including for use and sampling ease?
A: Yes, you'll receive printed instructions including kit pictures and a video.

Q: Do I need to download the data?
A: No, Galson will download this data for you and include it in the final report.

Q: Is the report easy to understand?
A: Yes, your report will provide easy reference to the "severity factor" of any exposure.

Q: Do I need to do Total Dust as well as Respirable Dust testing or is Respirable dust enough to satisfy MSHA? Thanks!
A: Only respirable dust is required for MSHA but the percentage silica content of the respirable dust also needs to be determined.

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